So much to learn, and lovin’ it.

Taekwondo is back in my life, and it’s here to stay.

It’s my first year teaching at my Taekwondo gym (Tae Geuk Taekwondo), and it’s great experience for me. I’ve been doing martial arts as long as I’ve been singing, which would have to be ever since I was in kindergarten. My father taught Shotokan Karate in the Philippines and in Kuwait, and he was the one who fueled my knowledge of the Martial Arts. When we moved to Canada, my father stopped teaching. He continued to teach me at home, but never sought to open a gym here in Vancouver.

When I was 15, I was itching for Karate training, yet couldn’t find a credible gym. It was not until was 17 that I found Tae Geuk Taekwondo. Taekwondo is similar to Karate, yet to those who are not familiar with the differences, Taekwondo uses a wide array of kicks and footwork, while adversely, Karate is more focused on being rooted to the ground and utilizes more hand strikes. With Tae Geuk Taekwondo, I found a home because they have a strong sense of self defense, and recognized for creating phenomenal athletes. Hey, the gym created 3 olympians to date.

A while ago, I helped coach in the Provincial Championships. That’s me being “Coach Phil” to one of the students. It’s great. I love seeing these kids enjoy the sport. I also like the fact that they’re doing something good for themselves, and staying off the drugs and all the temptations life can bring to you. It’s disappointing to see whenever kids stray off to a darker path. As much as I sound a bit too cliche here, I’m sure you would agree that it does happen. I will help the students as much as I can to educate them about good things through the Martial Arts, and I am happy to see that Taekwondo is their choice of drug. But really, it’s disappointing to see kids that have so much potential, and throw it away for drugs. Yet again, I think it’s also through education that will curb their choices. That’s why I teach.

Here’s a commercial I made for the gym:

But all in all, young, old, olympic athlete or recreational practioner, Taekwondo is good for you. It makes you fit, brings you good health, discipline, and self confidence. When you’re in Taekwondo, you’ll learn so much about the art, and about yourself, I sure do. Everyday I step into the gym, I learn something new. I learn many things from my students too! It’s a constant wealth of knowledge not only about the art, but about life as well.

Hey, visit my gym sometime!


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