Me singing Just the way you are – (Bruno Mars song)

Hey guys!

So the banging has stopped on my side of the building (see last video for explanation), and I get to record again.

Here’s my rendition of Bruno Mars’ Just the way you are!

This is song is awesome. I had to create the music from scratch because there’s absolutely no instrumental anywhere in the internet. But… nonetheless, it was a fun song to recreate.

I hope you guys like it.

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Forgetful. I learned my lesson.

I’m probably one of the most forgetful person you’ll ever meet. I blame it on the 2 concussions I have suffered from snowboarding and martial arts. Or maybe I shouldn’t since my mind is always at a blur, and cannot stand still. ADHD? I don’t really know. Maybe a little bit of column ‘A’ and ‘B’. To give you an example, I used to have a classmate from high school to whom I always had my locker side by side with. I spoke to her every single day at school. A year after I graduated, I was so happy to see her at the mall, yet, I had forgotten her name. Who would do that? Only me. It’s truly shameful of me.

It doesn’t really help as a musician to be forgetful. As a singer, I constantly have to memorize music lyrics. But to tell you the truth, I have a really hard time doing so. I may be able to memorize it today, but ask me tomorrow, and I can probably sing only the chorus, and maybe the first verse.

Whenever I write music, one minute, I’d have the greatest melody thought out in my head. Then I watch some tv, eat dinner… and realize I had forgotten what I just came up with. I got fed up with this routine, because forgetting music sucks and always left a bad aftertaste in my mouth. So I got into recording voice memo’s on my iphone. I carry my phone a lot, and it’s proven useful. When I was in my teen years (when I really got into writing music), I used to carry a panasonic recorder with me all the time. The iphone has now superseded the panasonic’s role and I’m glad it’s there. No more bad aftertaste.

So with that said I admit that I am forgetful. It’s not a proud trait I have, and I’ve been trying my best to improve it. I really believe I will have Alzheimer’s when I’m older, but I’ll fight it until I throw it down.

In Other News:
– I bought a new camera, and it’s awesome. The picture you see is from my new DSLR. I love it.
– I also started writing music again.
– Big 2 Films is going to have an online TV show. Stay tuned for that!

Until Next time,


My Film Company finally launched! A dream come true.

Big 2 Films

So I launched my film company, Big 2 Films. I’m quite excited by its launching because this has been a dream that I have been conjuring up in my life for the long time… come true. Ever since I was 14, I always had my Hi 8 camcorder and filmed everything I could see. Back then, I made short films, mock commercials, music videos, and random film projects. With a willing talent pool (my little sister and cousins), “Big 2 Films” was a hobby in full operation.

The name “Big 2” is the product of my favorite number, my favorite card game, and the fact that there were 2 main people in the company. My sister Zabrina was always there to help me with my hobby, so I considered her the second person. With that, the name “Big 2” was born.

Years passed, and with my experiences from making short films, to being in front of the camera in gigs in the Philippines, I realized that owning my own company can be a reality. My vision for the company is to grow as a commercial/advertising type of company. But we’ll take it a step at a time.

Check out my website, and shall you have anybody needing help towards wedding projects, music videos, short films, and film projects, I’m pretty sure Big 2 Films and its team of filmmakers can help.

Until Nextime,