Today is Wednesday, My favorite day.

I like Wednesday. It brings me the right amount of anticipation for the days to come. I say this because I like the feeling of looking forward to something like Friday and Saturday. Other people like Friday Saturday, because it the time for partying and such… but what happens when you wake up to Sunday??? Huh?? It’s all over baby. Nothing really to anticipate but Sunday which you may spend vegetating, and Monday which most people dread. But with Wednesday, you’re in the middle of the week, the Monday doldrums had just passed, and you’re almost to the fun part (Weekend).

Poker, NL Hold’em
I kinda miss going to Boulevard (code name Boules between my friend Jumaaaa and Myself). I’m in the plus there, but it’s been a while since I’ve played. I feel the itch to bust somebody with my 8s 9s stackers. Funny because I watched Maverick the other day, you know that movie with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster; wild west and poker. Pretty cool. I know, I know… very random, but it had poker in it, and I wanna play.

What’s your favorite day? And what’s your favorite poker hand? I guess you just found out a tell from me, or did you?


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