Stop the banging.

Hello my friends,

For the past few weeks I’ve been waking up to a loud banging sound. It started a couple weeks ago when we had that full week of sun. I decided to open my window for the night for it was too hot in the morning. Then…. BANG! BANG! BANG! Rude awakening. It’s the worst alarm clock ever.

No, it wasn’t the sound of Gun Shots, nor do I live beside a fireworks warehouse, and I take it back, waking up to those sounds will be the worst alarm clock ever. They’re building a new Hi-Rise beside mine, and they’re driving the piles in. It’s annoyingly loud.

I made a video about it. Watch how I become crazy.

It’s affecting my recording. I always try to record in the morning because it’s my only free time. I’m at the Taekwondo Gym in the afternoon evening, and I’m filming during the weekend.

I guess I have to find a time or wait for it to stop.

Check out the video.

Your friend,



A street with my name on it? Crazy!

My name, Philbert, isn’t that common. Apparently, while I was being born, my father and his siblings were frantically searching the “Worldbook Encyclopedia of Names” for suitable handles that would brand me for life. They chose a bunch of names that they liked, put them in a box, and decided to choose my name lottery style. My dad’s youngest sibling, Uncle Ferdimar, was the one who ended up drawing the ballot. He accidentally drew two ballots, one said Philbert, and the other said Simon.

Philbert, according to Worldbook Encyclopedia, meant very bright, Simon meant gift of God. Cool, I’ll take it! But I don’t believe in those meanings. It’s the person that makes the name, not the name that makes the person.

I’ve never met another Philbert in this world, and I don’t see my name anywhere else. I’m sure there are other Philbert’s out there, but the main point is that my name is uncommon.

Until my sister and I drove out to visit our family in a city called Mission, here in British Columbia. It was by pure accident that I discovered this street. It was because we got lost that I found out that Philbert St. existed.

I didn’t know what to do! There, sitting on top of this huge Stop sign, was Philbert St. I had to take a picture

Philbert Street

It was pretty cool experience for me. I would have never thought that a street would share the same name. Apparently there’s a Simon Street in Mission too. Yet, I think the Philbert Street experience more of a find since, like I said, my name is uncommon.

Until Nextime,