Finally, a new youtube episode!

“Replay” Made in Garageband!

I’ve been so busy setting up my business, that I have sadly neglected my youtube page. I’ve been getting many emails asking when I’m gonna post something new, and could not post anything because of my film company, and my martial arts.

This past weekend, I was lucky to have some time to spend with garage band, and create my version of “Replay”… It was awesome! My midi keyboard has been lying there for quite some time now, and I was glad to make use of my macbook pro’s capabilities.

you can download the mp3 here:

So now that I have more time, I’m back on youtube! Let’s get more subscribers, and more hits!!! Thanks for all your support. Remember to rate the video 5 stars, comment, share, respond and subscribe!

Enjoy my version of replay, all the best.

Until Nextime,

Philbert Simon


My Film Company finally launched! A dream come true.

Big 2 Films

So I launched my film company, Big 2 Films. I’m quite excited by its launching because this has been a dream that I have been conjuring up in my life for the long time… come true. Ever since I was 14, I always had my Hi 8 camcorder and filmed everything I could see. Back then, I made short films, mock commercials, music videos, and random film projects. With a willing talent pool (my little sister and cousins), “Big 2 Films” was a hobby in full operation.

The name “Big 2” is the product of my favorite number, my favorite card game, and the fact that there were 2 main people in the company. My sister Zabrina was always there to help me with my hobby, so I considered her the second person. With that, the name “Big 2” was born.

Years passed, and with my experiences from making short films, to being in front of the camera in gigs in the Philippines, I realized that owning my own company can be a reality. My vision for the company is to grow as a commercial/advertising type of company. But we’ll take it a step at a time.

Check out my website, and shall you have anybody needing help towards wedding projects, music videos, short films, and film projects, I’m pretty sure Big 2 Films and its team of filmmakers can help.

Until Nextime,